1 Timothy

Name of the person who wrote this letter: Paul
Year it was written: about 64 AD
Important points:
Here Jesus' devotee called the apostle (lit.messenger) Paul, wrote this letter to Timothy who was like his son. There in the town of Epes there were many false teachers who were ready to make people slide away from God's devotion. In order to stop those teachers' religious-messages and in order to increase the believers' devotion, he wrote telling Timothy how his devotion should be.
God is one (emph). Similarly (lit.like that) there is only one mediator between God and man. He (emph) who took birth in man's image is Jesus Christ. Jesus, having become the offering himself, paid so that all people should be saved from sin.
Not only this, but he wrote to Timothy telling what religious-message to teach the believers of all ages - how to give respect, how to live (lit:walk), [and] how to live with devotion.