Introduction to the world's creation
If we look up at the visible sky and in that sky is the always-staying sun which gives light and heat during the day. The moon (half moon) which gives light during the night. The twinkling stars shining in the sky - how were they created? Have you ever thought about who created (them)? A day is formed due to sun, moon and stars. Within that day is a night and a day. Seven days in a week, twelve months in a year, three seasons in a year - meaning summer season, rainy season and winter season - how were all these created? At present who is ruling/driving all these?
Like that the this-much big earth where we are (stay) and living things on that earth - the domestic animals, creeping-crawling creatures, birds, wild animals and the fish (pl) in the water. How were all these kinds of animals created? Really who (was it that) created (it)?
In order for us to live on this earth who made this body in the mother's womb? Where does the life in this body come from? Who has put in our body eyes to see the universe, tongue to taste, ears to hear, arms and legs to work, (and) a spirit of wisdom-knowledge in order to think?
How are people really being born?
If you say you want to know [the answers] about these questions, read this whole book diligently from the beginning to the end.