Jesus Christ having given his life, rose [back to life] and returned to heaven. “After returning to God in heaven I will send the Holy Spirit for you” like-that Jesus promised. That Spirit descended on those disciples. Then, everywhere in the world, those disciples preached the good news about Jesus Christ that saves everyone from going to hell. Through those Jewish people many people became Christians. Like that they used to call those believers “Hebrew Christians”. Other people caused many troubles and difficulties on those Christians. Then those Christians were thinking about leaving their faith and returning to their old rituals. Through this even their children were not able to become strong Christians. It was for these Hebrew people that one of Jesus's servants wrote this letter.
In this letter it is written about Jesus Christ who fulfilled God's desire which the old covenant was not able to fulfil. In this letter are three important points:
(1) Jesus Christ (emph) is God's son. He prepared himself to bear the suffering in order to fulfil God's desire. Jesus Christ is the first-born son from among all the angels, prophets and men.
(2) God showed that Jesus is the forever living High Priest greater than all the High Priests living before Jesus Christ.
(3) The Hebrew tribe people used to think that animal sacrifices and rituals would save them from their sins. But it is written in this letter that only Jesus Christ alone can save from sin, fear and death. It is also written that Jesus alone is the true and forever living High Priest.
What this letter is telling us is that we should put our trust in Jesus Christ's new message of the new covenant that God has given. If we do like that, we will be able to experience the fruit of God's promises. Let us live as God desires, following the promises that Christ gave. In God's word there are examples of so many people. Because they lived according to God's word, during their lifetime they did so many miraculous works and until they died they lived keeping their faith in Jesus. Like that, let us also keep our faith in Jesus until we die. It is also written in this book [about] what all will happen to those who do not put their faith in Jesus.