This letter's author's name: James (lit: Yakobu).
There were many people named Yakobu in the New Testament. From amongst them, this Yakobu was Jesus younger-brother. This Yakobu did not put his faith on Jesus while he (Jesus) was alive, but after he came back to life from death, ‘that Jesus truly is God's son’ like-that he saw, understood and put his faith.
The year it was written: Approximately between 45 and 50 AD.
Important points:
The main/important point of this letter is the testimony of the faith. If we bear patiently troubles and tests [then] others will know that our faith in God is true. We will know by following God's word. Having seen how we behave with people inside and outside of the church, we can can know about true faith. Through deeds and words we will know if faith is true or false. In this book is how [one should] know/understand about true faith.