Message about this book
Author's name: John, one of the first disciples of Jesus.
Period when written: The first century of this period.
Important points: Jesus is God's son. With the power of God's spirit, he (emph) came in the form of a man to save this world's people from their sin. Only those who with devotion place their faith on Jesus will be able to go to heaven where God is.
In order to prove these above characteristics, he did countless signs. From among them some signs: changing water into grape juice, healing a man that was unwell for thirty eight years, giving sight to born-blind person, raising to life the dead Lazarus, putting on a feast/meal for five thousand people, walking on top of the sea.
Not by looking at my name/reputation, but put your faith in me by seeing these miracles. He said that if you put like that, you will be with God in heaven with forever life. Your (sg) life's decision is in your hand.