Introduction about this book:
Author's name: Doctor Luke. This Luke was Paul's good friend (2 Timothy 4:11). While Paul went for doing service, many times he used to journey with him ( Acts 16:10; 20:6; 27:1-2; Philemon 24; Colossians 4:14).
Period when it was written: Luke wrote this book within a few years of Jesus' death and resurrection. This Luke wrote two books. This is the first book, and the other book is the Book of Acts.
Main point: Jesus the saviour is the one that God chose in order to save people from the power of sin. How he began doing God's service in order to fulfil the words of the ancient scriptures that were written about him even before he was born. “My work is to save people who are like lost sheep” like-that he said. How the Lord Jesus became “The Son of Man (lit:heaven's man)”? is written about here. In this book, his birth, life, about how he was born as a man, and all the other good news (pl) he has explained and written.
“Not just looking a my name, but having seen these works, you (pl) put faith on me. If you make place for God in your heart, you will live with God in heaven for eternity” like-that Jesus told. While writing about the life of Jesus, whoever the Jews used to look down on, God caused Luke to write this book giving honour to them.
This book is for everyone in the world. Having read it, take a decision about where your life should be forever. Thank you!