In this book is written about what all God's son Jesus Christ did for the people of the world (lit: world's humans). This whole story truly took place long ago in what is now the country of Israel. A person called Mark wrote this book between the years 42 and 44AD.
In this (story) that Jesus having got authority over evil spirits he cast them out from many people and he healed them. Like that he healed so many sick people, blind and disabled people.
Jesus also did other countless amazing and miraculous works. The feeding (lit: stomach-full meal) of five thousand people with five breads. Raising dead people to life, walking on top of water like this he did many miracles.
Having seen all this many people liked to hear the religious-teaching Jesus was speaking. Jesus having called himself “Son of Man” (lit: older brother of mankind), used to do many things that only God himself can do. Because of this the Jewish authorities having become jealous towards Jesus, were always looking to get rid of him. Like that in the end, those authorities having become opposed against him they took his life.
Many important people admitted “He is God's son”. In the end, after Jesus died on the wooden cross, the soldier's commander who saw all those things also admitted “He truly is God's son”. Now while you are reading this book, “Who is this Jesus?” like-that you must think and decide (what to say) in your mind.
How did this Jesus really live on earth? What all did he do? Having nailed him to a wooden cross, and taken his life, how did he come back to life after three days? Having returned to heaven, having sat at the side of his father God, how is he running the world?
Right now the good news is that God loves all of us. By the death of his son Jesus he made a way for us to have salvation. Whoever puts their trust in God (and) worships him they will get salvation of everlasting life in heaven - about this it is written in this book.