This letter's author's name: Paul (lit:Pavulu)
Year it was written About 60AD (lit: sakam brwd fr TEL)
Important point:
While the Lord Jesus Christ's messenger, Paul, was in jail he wrote this letter. From among Philemon's slaves, a slave called Onesimu, escaped and came to where Paul was. Paul told [him] the good news about Yesu, then that Onesimu put his trust in Yesu. Now Paul is sending Onesimu to his master. Onesim means “giving benefit/profit”. Before this Onesimu was like a cheater in Philemon's work. But now by God's grace (lit:mercy-love) [he] became very useful to Paul, Philemon and even more to the Lord Jesus. The important point of this short letter is that Philemon should forgive Onesimu and take him back for work.