Things to read first
This book called Ruth was written to teach that God, in order to complete his will, not only chooses the Jewish people but also uses other castes/tribes. A lady called Ruth was from Moyab country, she wan't from Israel country. In order to take care of a completely “alone woman” called Nayomi, she left her own people and came to Israel. How Ruth became the mother of King David of Israel and his ancestors is written in this story.
Before reading this book you (pl) need to know this
Long ago, in the country of Israel, the Jewish people had a law. If there were two sons in a family and the older one got married and died, then the wife's-husbands'-brother having married her (the widow) will become the authority of (the brother's) estate (everything that someone owns). If they have children that estate becomes the sons'. If he dies without having children, that estate will come to a close-relative. If someone from his family is still living, then the responsibility to take care of them is on the close-relative.
The things learned from this book
God's will is fulfilled in unbelievable ways.
God will fulfil his deeds through believing ones.
For those who help others, and trust in family and friends, God will change their way of life and gives happiness to them.
God's goodness is not only for the Jews, but it is for everyone.
God cares for the people of this world and he is the one who fulfils his deeds in their lives.