Various books

The Gond boys are reading books Read all these books and learn!
If you click on these books, the download will start. If you click on the pages of these books, you can read them online.
First book - Let’s learn - download  First book - Let’s learn – read online

In this book are short stories.

The stories are good for brand new readers.

Second book - Our Festivals - download Second book - Our Festivals - read online

Our Gondi festivals are written about in this book.

Third book - Our Stories - download  Third book - Our Stories - read online

Our Gondi stories are written in this book.

Fourth book - Learning Stories - download Fourth book - Learning Stories - read online

More of our Gondi stories are written in this book.

Gondi song book - download Gondi song book - read and sing online

These are the Gondi songs that Professor Haimendorf documented in his book The Gonds of Adilabad.

These songs are great to sing and listen to.